Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Real World

Time For….The Real World

I chuckle as I type that title. It seems as though life is always one question after another as to what exactly we will do in the next phase we greet. So, I’m here answering the latest question, “What will you do upon your graduation?” The real world has hit, and it’s time to venture out on my own. So, what’s next?

I am going into full time ministry. I’ll be interning with Athletes in Action at Wake.

I couldn’t be more excited about all that God has been and is still doing in my life. I chuckle again and think about how my diploma will say Wake Forest University BS Physics. I didn’t exactly go to school for this in an academic sense, but at the same time, I do believe I went to school for this.
You see, I had plans for literally every stage of my life laid out before I went to Wake. As a good friend would say, I had this picture of what my college years would look like, and what actually happened wasn’t what I had in mind. It wasn’t what I had in mind, but golly, it’s so much better.

I had some awesome teammates pull me into Athletes in Action my freshman year. Man, did God have something better in store! Through my time in AIA and helping to launch Westside Christian Church, I began to experience Jesus and His love in a brand new personal way. No longer did I seek to just check the boxes of religion, I started to seek a daily surrender to the cross and closer walk with the Lord.

It didn’t stop there. I ventured out to AIA’s Ultimate Training Camp where I learned about our Audience of One and what denying yourself to pick up your cross daily entails. I then spent my summer working in Vietnam and feeling God break my heart for the lost. Toss in a mission trip to Puerto Rico, living with some amazing girls in our AIA house, various conversations of sage wisdom with awesome mentors, and you’ve got a heart ripe for change.

I don’t know that my heart was ready for such a big change so quickly. I said missions all the way when I returned from Vietnam, but once decision time hit this past year, I started to cower away from God’s plan. I was scared. To me, going into ministry did not make sense. It’s totally irrational. I didn’t go to school for this. But then again, I did go to school for this. All those things that happened, they happened while I was in school. School goes beyond textbooks and lectures. School is experiences, and my experiences led me to ministry. Still, it’s irrational, and I was scared.

Truth check here: God’s love for me is irrational.

This truth hit me hard shortly after winter break. There I was trying to rationalize God’s plan for my life into some pretty box that I could easily present to the world. Then it hit me again, “If God loves me irrationally, I can’t try to rationalize His plan for my life.” Let me explain. I can do absolutely nothing for God to earn His love. Yet He still loves me, and I have access to His love through Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. See, that’s pretty irrational. So then, I want to follow God out onto the water of irrationality to reach people for His kingdom.   

So, I’ll be working with Athletes in Action, a Cru ministry, at Wake Forest next year. I’ll receive some awesome training under our leader Joe, and have the awesome opportunity to pour into the lives of students just like my mentors did for me. If you feel God calling you to help support this ministry, please visit or feel free to reach out to me at .

Peace, love, and many blessings y’all!

Also, I just looked back at my "Catching Up" post from two years ago...I didn't expect this at all, but I'm so glad this is where I am!

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