Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Arrival to Japan!

Well, the first long leg of my journey to Vietnam is complete! We arrived in Japan at 8:00 pm Japanese time, 7:00 am east coast time.
The flight ended up being about 12.5 hours long on a Boeing 777-300R,  which is a huge plane. I was in a window seat, which was nice for sleeping but terrible for moving around. All that matters though is that I made it!
I'd also like to say that ANA, the Japanese airline, has the best customer service I have ever experienced. The flight attendants had a smile on their faces at all times and constantly walked the aisles to refill green tea and improve your comfort. The airplane food was also surprising good and quite filling. We even got ice cream for desert; so, you know I was happy.
As we neared Japan, my heart rate began to quiken. I realized that I would be going through customs in a foreign country all by myself and then finding my hotel in the dark all by myself. I just asked God to give me the strength, and with the help of many kind airline workers, I made it through customs and onto the right train.
The journey from the train to my hotel was another story....
I could literally see my hotel from the train; so, I thought I would be fine. Well, after lugging my suitcase down numerous stairs, I went out the wrong side of the train station. I was so desperate that I had use Google Maps on my phone. I guess I was just nervous because it was dark and I was alone, but again, God provided. After working up an intense sweat navigating many side streets, I arrived at the Richmond Hotel Narita.
It is a very nice and super clean hotel! My room is really small and I am still struggling to understand the toilets, but it's pretty cool!
Now, I'm watching some Japanese news channel. I have no idea what they're saying, but oh well! I have an early morning tour of Narita with Katsumi tomorrow morning. So; it's off to bed for me now!

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