Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Night To Remember!

Me blogging at 2:00 a.m. It doesn't make much sense to me neither, but I feel like today was important enough to deserve a prompt blog.

We just returned home from the vineyard where my sister, Kayla, got married, or should I say hitched :), to Jordan Horst. After many crazy moments, the happy couple walked to the Escalade hand in hand ready to begin their journey in life together. I have all the confidence in the world for this wonderful couple. Thank goodness Jordan is able to mellow Kayla's extreme type A personality! Kayla and Jordan are truly meant for each other! I know Kayla might be expecting me to talk about how good I looked, but that's just sisterly love. Today was her day, and what a day it was!

Now for the crazy stuff that occurred before the happy ending. Of course, things had been hectic for a while now; the rehearsal was hectic, hair and nails were hectic. Still, everything was coming together beautifully. As the bridal party was getting ready (It took me a bit to do my make-up, but I was successful!) we noticed some dark clouds rolling in. Since we had decided not to go with a tent, we were keeping positive attitudes. "Oh, it's going to pass." Actually, the first cloud did pass.
In the meantime gifts were exchanged between bride and groom by way of the maid of honor and best man. Jordan received a classy watch, and to Kayla's surprise, she received the other part of her wedding band. She didn't have to wait two years for that, and let me tell you, it looks gorgeous!
As a few quick pictures were snapped the clouds kept rolling in. I prayed for it to pass over and the wedding to go off without a glitch.
Of course, when does anything go off without a glitch? As we stood in the tasting room, the ominous clouds opened and sheets off rain fell from the sky. After looking at the radar with the supervisor, I thought we would be good to go in about 10 minutes. Throughout this time the harpist and her harp got soaked (that was a sight!), as well as the DJ and his equipment. 10 minutes passed and it still showed no sign of letting up. Erin, the supervisor, came to Kayla with bad news. "There's no way we can get out there; this storm isn't going anywhere, but I have another plan." I was surprised at how well Kayla was holding up, but she knew she couldn't control the weather and that getting married was all that mattered to her. Erin had all of the guests assemble downstairs as we waited to descend down the stairs to a make-shift altar behind the tasting bar. I was quite concerned about falling down the stairs being that I never wear heels, but I did it!
Jordan was already boohooing at the altar before Kayla even came into sight. He was absolutely adorable; he really does love my sister! As Kayla and Dad descended gracefully down the stairs, I just smiled and thought about what a big moment it was. Dad then tripped behind the tasting bar as he tried to avoid stepping on the dress. Excellent comic relief! The ceremony began and was soon over courtesy of Preacher Glenn, but not without more tears and comic relief. When the best man Joe was asked for the rings, he pulled a Cracker Jack box out of his coat, and of course Glenn commented on how much money Jordan spent. haha In the middle of the ceremony, some of Jordan's family sang a heartwarming song that brought Karli to tears. She was bawling, and I thought, "Crap I don't want to cry!" One tear formed, but it didn't fall. Poor thing, Karli! She tried to hide the tears, but couldn't.
After the happy couple were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Horst, we enjoyed excellent food courtesy of Lorene, and the dancing began. Would you believe it? I actually danced just a little bit. I learned that slow dancing is not all that difficult. Everyone was having a blast, but most importantly the bride and groom were happy. As I hugged my sister one last time, I couldn't even finish a sentence; I just knew I was going to cry.
The happy couple left in a cloud of bubbles, and left behind one satisfied crowd.
Kayla and Jordan, I wish y'all the very best in life. Y'all truly are meant for each other. I know that you love each other very much, and that love will take you far. I don't know of anyone other than Jordan that can get Kayla on a fishing boat or calm her nerves when she gets panicked. You each balance the other out so well! Just always remember that "love never fails" and God is there every step of the way. Love, Keri.

Note: Pictures will come soon!